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Angel City Los Angeles, Sin City Las Vegas, and Golden Gate City San Francisco–Day 1

This strategy is mainly to recommend to everyone the card punching methods of Los Angeles and its surroundings. The main card punching cities are Angel City Los Angeles, Sin City Las Vegas, and Golden Gate City San Francisco. If you plan to visit these cities recently, I hope that the content of this article can provide some simple reference for everyone.

Day1 Los Angeles-Santa Monica Beach

Arriving in Los Angeles on the first day, it is not recommended to arrange a trip that is too full. After putting your luggage in the hotel, it is recommended to go to Santa Monica Beach. You can get lunch and dinner at the seafood market next to it. The ingredients are fresh and the taste is great.

Punch attractions

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is the end of the famous Route 66 in the United States.

Stroll along the beach, admire the warm and charming scenery of the California coast, go to the pedestrian shopping street “Three Streets” to visit clothing stores and craft shops, and feel the tranquility and beauty of Los Angeles. There is a Pacific Park next to the beach, which has roller coaster and classic playground riding facilities. The roller coaster here is relatively gentle, so adults and children can try it.

Take the ferris wheel in the park (the only solar-powered ferris wheel in the world), and you can enjoy unparalleled beauty when you reach the top.

Strolling Santa Monica’s famous pier at sunset and watching the huge sun slowly fall into the Pacific Ocean, there is nothing more beautiful than the sunset here.


In addition, you can try another way to play: rent a sightseeing bicycle (there are many car rental shops in the local area) and ride along the Marvin Braude seaside bicycle path. This flat multi-purpose bicycle path is called “The Strand” by the locals. It stretches along the coastline for about 35,000 kilometers, from Santa Monica all the way south to Torrance. Riding a bicycle along the coastline, and letting the sea breeze brush his cheeks, it is also a very romantic scene.

Opening hours:

Beach: open all day

Pacific Park: 11:00-19:00 on weekdays; 11:00-23:00 on weekends and holidays

Attractions location:

380SantaMonicaPierSantaMonica, CA90401

Santa Monica Beach

The closest beach to downtown Los Angeles is the end of North American Route 66, and the seascape is favored by Hollywood directors. · The first choice for Los Angeles citizens to take a family vacation, couples enjoy the paradise of the two worlds. ·When the lantern was first launched, the Pacific Paradise that stretched from the beach to the sea was a sea of ​​joy. ·Themed parties are often held here, and California style bands can be heard, which is the first choice for tourists to visit the beach in Los Angeles.

Food recommendation

Santa Monica Seafood Market

The Santa Monica Seafood Market is the most popular seafood supermarket in the area. The Santa Monica Seafood family brand, established in 1939 by the Santa Monica beach, is enduring. It has provided delicious ingredients for everyone for more than half a century. We can select all kinds of seafood at close range in the refrigerated display cabinets, and after the selection, wait for the delicious food in the side restaurant. The oysters, lobsters, king crabs, and salmon are the freshest in Los Angeles. In addition, they also offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, wine, and beer. It is also a place where locals punch in daily. It is affordable and delicious, and is popular with many diners.

Specialties: Dungeness Crab, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Fanny Bay Oysters, Kumamoto Oyster

Location: 1000 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Business hours: 9:00-21:00 on weekdays, 9:00-20:00 on Sundays

Per capita consumption: $40

Phone: 001-213-3935244

Santa Monica Seafood Market

·This seafood processing shop with a history of more than 60 years is famous for its high-quality seafood varieties and clean and tidy dining environment. Diners first select seafood by themselves in the market, then process it in the restaurant and cook it on site. ·Although it is a seafood market, the dining environment is very good and the prices are fair.

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