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TOP 5 recommended places in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that exists in landscapes and postcards. It is a small country in Europe, but the map is full of snow-capped mountains, forests, river valleys, lakes…It is a bit exaggerated, but the name of Switzerland “world park” is really not blown.

Switzerland has the Alps but not only the Alps. With years of experience living in Switzerland and the advice of local friends, I recommend you to the TOP5, a country full of local “rustic” Switzerland, to create an unforgettable Swiss impression.

Where should you go when you first arrive in Switzerland?

For most people in Europe, the trip to Europe is still far away. If you have the opportunity to come once, of course, it is inevitable to go to some check-in spots to make a lap just to get your own ticket money. So, what is worth visiting?

1. Zermatt Zermatt丨 Skiing and Matterhorn

The term “purity and impeccability” can be used to describe Zermatt. There is no pollution. The small town in the Alps has only carriages and battery carts. And the purpose of everyone here is also very simple: Matterhorn and skiing. You can reach the cable car station at the foot of the mountain by walking down the main road of Zermatt. This is the easiest way to reach the top of the mountain for skiing and a view of the Matterhorn. Zermatt’s ski trails are more difficult. If you can’t control it, don’t try it hard. Just give Matterhorn a good time.

Matterhorn pointed directly at the sky in the shape of a triangular cone. Unlike Jungfrau Mountain, Matterhorn became the representative of the Alps with a single peak. Whenever sunrise or sunset, Matterhorn will refract the sun’s rays and become a golden mountain, which looks chic and spectacular. Of course, the beauty of all this is the most perfect view from the sky, so you may wish to try a plane tour. From top to bottom, enjoy the purest Matterhorn.

  Figure: Zermatt ice cave.

Transportation strategy: It is best to choose the train, because there is a panoramic train to Zermatt, accompanied by beautiful scenery all the way. Especially in winter, the white area outside the car window gradually takes you into an ice fairy tale world.

Geneva-Zermatt: 3 hours and 35 minutes by train

Zurich-Zermatt: 3 hours and 12 minutes by train

Montreux-Zermatt: 2 hours and 45 minutes by train


Matterhorn is located in Zermatt, a small town in Valais, Switzerland, at an altitude of 4478 meters. It is the most beautiful peak in the Alps and a symbol of pride in Switzerland. Skyline, with its special triangular pyramid shape, has become the representative of the Alps. When the sun shines, the snow-covered mountain reflects the metallic light.

2. Luzern Lucerne

Lucerne is a favorite holiday destination for Swiss people, especially in summer, the crowd of people who escape the summer is endless. The city of Lucerne is small and exquisite, with a leisurely life, and you can basically walk through the attractions of the ancient city on foot. Here, you are only one step away from Mount Regis and the small town of Virgins.

In August, the town of Virginies hosts the Rose Festival and selects the Miss Rose. In the evening, there is a fireworks display at Lake Lucerne with lively activities that only belong to Virgins.

St. Regis is known as the Queen of the Mountains. Like its name, it is atmospheric and gentle. And it has a connection with our China: it is a sister mountain to Emei Mountain. When you come to St. Regis in the summer, you must take part in trekking and experience the softness of St. Regis in the most primitive way. It is worth mentioning that St. Regis’s hiking project is not difficult, and children can also participate.

 Figure: Mount Ruiji.

Transportation guide: I have to say that in Europe, the train is the best means of transportation because it is small. Taking a train from another city to Lucerne, and Lucerne to Rigi mountain is also a train transportation.

The St. Regis trekking is carried out on the top of the mountain. You don’t need to join the group. You can wear comfortable shoes to climb the summit and start hiking. It takes about one and a half hours from Lucerne by boat and mountain railway to reach Mount Rigi.

Two routes are recommended:

① Cruise ship>Climbing train: Lucerne (taking a cruise ship)-Vigis-Vitznau; Vitznau (taking a red climbing train VRB)-the top of Rigi

② Cruise ship>Cable car>Climbing train: Lucerne (on the cruise ship)-Vigis; Vigis (on the cable car)-Rigi Kaltbad Station on the mountainside of Rigi; Rigi Kaltbad Station (take the red mountaineering train VRB)-the top of St. Regis

It is recommended not to go back and go uphill from route 1 and downhill from route 2. I believe the cable car will definitely bring you the best viewing experience.

Geneva-Lucerne: 2 hours and 48 minutes by train

Zurich-Lucerne: 45 minutes by train

Montreux-Lucerne: 3 hours and 7 minutes by train

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