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Interlaken丨Meet the “European Spine” Jungfrau(1)

Interlaken is a small town under Jungfrau, and it is famous as a gateway to Jungfrau. And because between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, the natural scenery of the town is infinite.

Jungfrau is the most famous mountain in Switzerland. You can reach this summit of Europe by taking the scenic train to Jungfrau from Interlaken Train Station. The red train shuttles between the Alps, snowy mountains, forests and wildflowers oncoming, the scenery on both sides is a net view.

There are no separate tickets for Jungfrau, and mountaineering transportation is already included.

Jungfrau official website:

The Jungfrau mountain train departs at Interlaken Ost. The mountaineering train has to be divided into three sections, that is, two transfers and three small train rides.

The first small train has two routes, which are on the 2A and 2B platforms, which are circular routes, and take different routes up and down the mountain. In summer (4.28~10.26), it runs every half an hour, and in winter it runs every hour. Line 1: Interlaken Ost-Lauterbrunnen; Line 2: Interlaken Ost-Grindelwald.

Then transfer to the second train, the transfer time will not be long, and the timetable is also well connected. The second train will reach Klein Scheidegg. The Klein Scheidegg station is located halfway up the mountain, and you can already see the Jungfrau from a close distance.

Finally, transfer to the most famous third small train-Jungfraubahn, the Iceberg Express, which is the most eye-catching red train passing through the snowy mountains in various advertisements and posters.


The first small train goes up and down the mountain to take different routes, you can enjoy different styles; the second train has the best scenery, it is recommended to sit on the right side of the car; the third small train is the most famous.

Transportation recommendation: Take the train to Interlaken and take the train from Interlaken to Jungfrau. Changing trains halfway allows people to slowly adapt to the elevation. The most recommended route is to go uphill from one of the routes and then go down the other route to enjoy the unique scenery.

Geneva-Interlaken: 2 hours and 45 minutes by train

Zurich-Interlaken: 1 hour and 55 minutes by train

Montreux-Interlaken: 2 hours and 17 minutes by train


Jungfrau is a famous mountain in Switzerland and is called “Top of Europe”. It is located 20-30 kilometers south of the city of Interlaken, Switzerland, and stands in the southeast of Bern. It is translated as Rongfrau. It is one of the highest peaks in the Alps, 4158 meters above sea level, 18 kilometers across, just like a young girl, wearing long hair, wrapped in silver, lying quietly between the white clouds. The top of this mountain is covered by snow and ice all year round, but under the mountain is green grass and beautiful scenery, it is a famous tourist and outdoor sports resort in Europe. This area was listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001. Starting from the foot of the famous Swiss snow mountains Eiger, Mensie and Jungfrau, the middle part is a magnificent glacier, which extends eastwards to the Finsteraarhorn (Finsteraarhorn, 4274 meters); westwards has always included parts of the Lech Valley To the south, it includes Bietschhorn and several river valleys. This charming area has the most amazing scenery: the largest glacier-covered area in Europe and Asia, the longest glacier in Europe, 900 meters of ice, 9 peaks above 4,000 meters above sea level, the highest observation deck in Europe and The highest speed elevator in Switzerland. As one of the classic tourist attractions in Switzerland, Jungfrau has always attracted tourists from all directions with snow and mountains, sunshine and floating clouds. The Jungfrau Railway, which carries tourists to the top to admire this beauty, celebrates its 100th birthday this year. To this end, the Jungfrau Railway Company and Interlaken Tourism Bureau jointly built a circular promenade called “Alpine Shock” at the summit railway station to showcase the century-old history of the railway construction and the development of the Alps tourism industry course.

4. Lausanne Lausanne 丨 a breath of history

To see enough mountains and rivers, then you should not miss the humanistic stories of Switzerland. If you still like Roman history in particular, then you are right in Lausanne. Because the existence of Lausanne can be regarded as the Roman handwriting. Lake Geneva, the River Fron and the River Loof pass through the city and divide the old town into three parts. Where there is water, there is culture. You can walk along the river to slowly take in the old surviving air in Lausanne. air. However, there are many ramps in the city, and you still need to pay attention to the road conditions when the city is hiking.

If you like to visit the museum, you must not miss the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. A high jump device is set up at the entrance of the museum. The height of the bar above it is the highest Olympic record for high jump. You can compare the distance between you and the world record~

Transportation guide: Both train and boat can reach Lausanne, but really, in Switzerland, you must choose the train. It’s really convenient! Be sure to pay attention to the timetable when you take the train. Once you miss the time, you will pass by the beautiful scenery.

Walking distance from the train station, the Olympic Museum can be reached in about 10 minutes, and no tickets are needed. You can spend 1 to 2 hours visiting here.

Geneva-Lausanne: 50 minutes by train

Zurich-Lausanne: 2 hours and 21 minutes by train

5. bouveret bouveret 丨 pure quiet town style

Backed by the Alps, nestled against Lake Geneva. This little-known town can bring you the most authentic European town life. In summer, like locals, go mountain climbing, go swimming and barbecue by the lake. Ride a barbecue, jump into Lake Geneva, and swan shuttle between docked sailboats.

There are also small trains and water parks that children like in Bovray, so families who are not afraid of family trips will be bored when they come here. The children’s problem is solved, and there is no shortage of bars that the big friends like. Although Buffley is small, he has all the organs.

The distance between Bouvre and France is only one stop, and the journey is hurried, you can slow down and enjoy a leisurely and quiet time.

If you are traveling with children, you may wish to try the following parent-child recommendations:

Swiss Vapeur Parc Little Train Paradise

Address: Route de la Plage, Le Bouveret 1897, Switzerland

Phone number: 41 24 481 44 10

Aquaparc water park

Address: Route de la Plage, Le Bouveret 1897, Switzerland

Phone: 41 24 482 00 00

Transportation guide: Buffley can be reached by car or train. Trains in Europe are really a must-have for home travel. Take the train if you don’t want to drive too much. But be sure to pay attention to the train timetable, the town is very biased, generally no train can arrive after 8 o’clock.

Geneva-Bubre: 2 hours by train

Zurich-Bufre: 4 hours by train

Montreux Bouvre: 1 hour by train

You can’t do without railway in Switzerland

How to buy tickets

Train tickets can be purchased directly on the official website (, but you must register and then bind your bank card, which is troublesome. People who are afraid of trouble or have poor English can still buy directly through domestic partners, which is convenient and the price may be cheaper. And you can use the Swiss pass to ride the summit of Jungfrau to get a discount of 75%!

How to check train time

Don’t miss the time by train! You can download a “SBB Mobile” APP, which has daily railway information. Enter the APP and query on the standard timetable.e

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